Monday, May 30, 2005


1. Life is Random
2. Random is the new order
3. I can't hear you I am shuffling

Do the above 3 things make any sense? If not welcome to the world of iPod shuffle. I am getting mine soon :) Let me check how random it can get.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sleeping in the train and missing the destined station

Sleeping in the train and missing the destined station is not that bad everytime. I went to chennai this weekend. This time I took an early train and the train reached my destined station around 4.30 am or so. I was still sleeping and woke up only after the train went past the next station. Though my destined station and the final station is just 15 min apart, it really hurts if I miss a connecting train in the mean time, as the trains are very infrequent at that time of the day. Then the train reached the final station and I got down to get the connecting suburban train to go to my home. In the bogie where I got in, I saw a person of my age(Itz a 'he' only) sitting by the window side. I just sat opposite to him. That guy asked me at what time the train will start. His voice was so familiar to me that I asked if he is someone I know of. He was surprised to see me after 7 long yrs and told me that I changed completely. He is my friend from Higher secondary school. I had only one contact with that school for these 7 years and he is the second. We just exchanged our numbers and started to re-live our school days, chatting about other friends and their whereabouts. The train journey to home which usually takes 30 long minutes took only 30 short min which was very less for us. Now I have got lotsa other contacts from this guy. Now I am part of my school network. Sleeping in train and missing the destined station is not that bad everytime.!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Linux and OpenOffice save Microsoft Presentation

Linux and OpenOffice save Microsoft Presentation

Monday, May 09, 2005

Earth has become brighter, but no one is sure why

Earth has become brighter, but no one is sure why

My theory:
May be due to the increase in brighter people. The article says "In places like India, the dimming effect continues". This may be due to the brain drain of brighter people in these places.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Don't breath, else you will age.

Free radical theory on ageing says that the free radicals( of oxygen) formed during breathing reacts with our body cells and cause functional decline of organs over a period of time. The following article(Study on mice reinforces free radical theory of aging) doesn't mention about breathing as the cause of free radical production but I read it somewhere else. So people don't breath or you will start ageing. Is it the reason why the sages and saints practised yoga to control breathing and reduced the number of times they breath and lived longer?