Tuesday, May 30, 2006

1 ltr vodka + 6 guys = enough fun for a night

1 ltr ABSOLUT citron vodka is enough for 6 guys to make an evening very funny. Once you are flying you don't need to think of a topic. The universal topic of bachelorhood immediately pops up and fills the entire night with mixed arguments. Once drunk, the things which you generally don't open up with anyone starts seeping through your mouth and soon flows like a wild river. Is that because you are drunk and you are not in control? Nope. Everyone of us were in complete control. But once you are drunk you feel that whatever you are going to say will be listened to with extreme concentration and your message will reach everyone. Yesterday was fun. I was told in the morning that I retired to bed ranting and raving about me being one of the two among the six who was never been kissed :(

Monday, May 29, 2006

This is unfair - Chicken or Egg problem solved :-|

In a very non-controversial way scientists resolved the issue of which came first? The egg or the chicken? And they claim it as "The egg" as the winner for obvious reasons.

He said: "Eggs were around long before the first chicken arrived. Of course, they may not have been chicken eggs as we see them today, but they were eggs."

Though its unfair to end an age-old battle with not much blood shed, I am happy that the scientists chose my favourite else I don't know where I would have kept my face. I would have been too much ashamed if the chicken won the battle. Long live the scientists and hi5 for the eggs. Chicken lovers - Sorry, you guys lost the war and no point in fighting. Give up and chicken out :P

Chicken and egg debate unscrambled

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Moron at keyboard

The FM radios called for boycotting the use of Hosur road and Inner ring road yday due to the heavy traffic caused by incessant rain. But still one guy thinking all these are funny and fake report kick-starts his bullet(bike?!) towards Bommanahalli in Hosur road. Not even he reached any close to Inner ring road and the traffic started to break his neck. He tries all stunts dodging the fellow riders and tries to move forward. He tries hard. Really hard. He even takes his bike on the pedestrian platform which he normally hates to do and calls it as unruly and unethical behaviour by a two-wheeler rider. He breaks rules. He breaks more rules by jumping red light too thinking it is OK to ease the traffic atleast. There waits a big traffic jam which is not even in its knees and crawling but worse than that. Its a stand still traffic. And even if the traffic moves it doesn't move more than a yard before it again stops for the lights. More irritating is the rain which stings as sharp needle against his neck. He gets all cumbersome with the rain water flowing all over his body. Its a big mess out there and the Inner ring road is in floods. Oh God, This is what happens when it rains in bangalore. Does anyone need a reason to hate bangalore? If yes just take this one. But I didn't need one anymore. I got the reasons long back. Its called traffic, pollution, dust and suspended particles in air.

Hmmm.. I am off the topic. Now coming back. The guy still doesn't feel like turning back. For one reason there is no way of turning back and the other reason he gotta see some one in Bommanahalli the very same day. The more it rains and more water seeps through his body and more and more water get into his shoes irritating him from legs to head. Fortunately he wore his helmet and a jacket which gave him some protection against the lashing rain. Once he hit the sarjapur juntion the traffic vanished like magic and he could reach the destination in no time from there. Thatz bangalore for you and everyone.

Just before he ventured out on his fun ride, he got a warning call from his new room-mate who was having his first day trip in bus from Electronic city that he is stuck near koramangala for more than one hour. The friend incidentally started from Electronic city at 5.30 pm and reached home at 8.10 pm. Comparing to this travel our guy didn't even suffered 25% but travelling in a bus is quite ok than to get stuck in a bike in rains.

And as you all guessed I am that moron. The moron at keyboard and Abru that should justify the picture as its a small thing everyone experiences in his life one time or the other but I make a big thing out of it and wrote a post with a keyboard.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

I wanna be Budhia

Budhia ran 65 kilometres in just 7 hours and 2 minutes on May 02, 2006. And he is just 4.5 yrs old (y)

Budhia celebrates his feat