Saturday, January 10, 2009

Half marathon

How not to prepare for a half marathon:
1. See the newspaper advt a week before and register 2 days before the marathon day.
2. Instead of running in the treadmill, walk at high speed.
3. Buy vaseline but be totally unaware of electrolyte powder.

Tips on running the half marathon:
1. Fix the lady athlete of your calibre and run after her. Follow her closely. If she walks you walk too. Occasionaly overtaking her is not a bad idea. But always give her the chance to pass you. If she turns out to be too good for you, dump her and find another one.
2. Before running eat something. After 15km you will feel very hungry. Carrying energy bar is a good idea.
3. TOI bangalore midnight marathon's(2009) water stops were not evenly spaced. And only the 5th km mark had electrolyte packs. So carrying 4 Electral(electrolyte) packets will come handy. We felt revitalized in seconds after drinking one of those at 5th km stop.
4. A music player with fast track songs is a blessing.
5. No need to start from the beginning of the line. It's better to start at the end. Even better will be to give the mob a 3 to 5 min head start. That way you will have a clear road ahead and no wastage of energy by suddenly coming to stop in order to avoid people before you. For the first one km people will be running like mad. After that the reality sinks in. People slow down. People slow down to a point that they start crawling on their hands and knees. Alright the last statement is overly exaggerated. But the truth remains. People slow down.


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - movie review

IMDB User Rating: 8.7/10

My verdict: (*** SPOILER ALERT ***)
Danny Boyle, the director of Trainspotting, shows brutal(somewhat real) India through the eyes of a chaiwaala (office assistant). Movie is good, most of the movie is realistic but lacks a little logic here and there. All the events leading to the answers to the questions asked in the TV programme are in chronological order with question numbers, which is kinda movie-ish. Just like any H(b)ollywood movie, the director resorted to have a happy ending which is quite a crowd puller in India and in many other parts of the world but he could have done better with the final question's answer. If I were him I would have made him lose the game but still not repent for that since he got back the love of his life. Movie is very much watchable. Just watch it :)

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