Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aayirathil oruvan 2010 - movie review

The movie is a mixture of scenes collected from a hell lot of movies - McKenna’s Gold, Indian Jones, Mummy, King Kong, Sinbad, Lara Croft, Troy, Gladiator, Apocalypto, Tenali, Lesbian spank inferno,...

My verdict:
Total waste of time. Don't even watch it in thiruttu DVD. The company which did great VFX for Avatar, Twilight & Paa made horrible VFX for this movie. This movie is a big let down in all area. See the machine guns & bullets spraying in the movie, even captain and Arjun don't use them anymore in their movies. Selva Raghavan has gone nuts, no wonder Sonia Aggarwal filed for divorce. The movie has an open ending, when you least expect it to end, raising nightmares if there will be a sequel to it.

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