Monday, March 28, 2005

Death is hereditary but..

Death is hereditary but a family committing suicide in a similar fashion as that of itz earlier generation is quite annoying. People, what is happening with ya all. Why don't u invent some new ways of committing suicide? Jumping from an eighth floor home is certainly wild and adventurous but without a rope or parachute is what makes it really *wild*. Believe me, it is really scary to stand at the edge of a high place and about to fall from it. But once u r airborne it feels real good. Try it atleast once but remember to have a rope or parachute tied to u so that u can cherish those moments after a while unlike that family which forgot to fasten it up.

Family repeats suicide pact drama

ps: If u guyz have any innovative ways of committing suicide then do write it in the comments section :)

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Politicians are always politicians..

Earlier it was Babar Masjid and now it is Taj Mahal.

Was Taj Mahal a Shiv temple?

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Cigarette with a match head ?

Why didn't they create such a thing earlier? Now u can't abstain from a cigarette for not having a match box or lighter at home.


Sunday, March 20, 2005

Advertisements I like.

Recent Ads in TV that I like (in random order)...
1. Lehar 7 up (The yana gupta one)
2. Tata Safari (Animals' eyes widening)
3. Chlormint (In China)
4. Moto RAZR V3
5. Fevicol SH (showing buffaloes)
6. Moods Condoms (a couple in bike)

Update 1:
8. No sex no condoms (both ads related to it)
9. Mak lubricants (The girl waiting for a lift)

and more which I cudn't recall now. Will update as and when I remember.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Things to do before I die

Austin Powers' "Things to do before I die" list:

- Become International Man of Mystery

- Save world from certain doom

- Go to outer space

- Find true love

- Be Cryogenically Frozen

- Travel through Time, Backwards and Forwards

- Catch Dr. Evil in the First Act

- Threesome with Japanese twins

- Earn daddy's respect

Some of them compares with mine. I guess, it does compare with many's "Things to do b4 I die" list.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Google spies..!

When I press Enter key with the cursor in the inbuilt Google text box of Firefox it opens up (My office's internet gateway proxy is in singapore.) Thatz acceptable. But if I click on "Search Web" button in the Google toolbar for IE 6.0 it opened up (,DVXA:2004-52,DVXA:en) but in tamil :)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Whatz new this week

1. Packed up a budding lover out of bangalore to vizag. He promised that he shall pay a visit in a month to meet me or his lady love.
2. Waited in a long queue for 4 long hours to have a darshan of Mr. Somesh because of my friend PK's persistence. You know Mr. Somesh? He is so hot, he is too cool, he is the real Indian Idol (Never mind, I flicked it from Times of India).
3. Last but not the least, just now heard that I am an uncle in the making. Isn't that a wonderful news?

Sunday, March 06, 2005


Today is my friend Jap's birthday and I didn't give him anything. Two and a half years back, he presented me an archie's poster on my birthday. I still have that poster hanging in my cube. I am giving those words to him here. Happy Birthday Jap.

Why you should always be my FRIEND!

10. Time spent with you is anything but boring! (No wonder, trouble tags behind you, most of the time!)

9. I can always rely upon you, because you are a responsible person. (Yeah, whenever something goes wrong, everybody knows, you are responsible!)

8. When I happen to be in trouble, you always take out time, and advise me. (Though, it is usually your advice that gets me in trouble most of the time!)

7. If I happen to goof up things, you never rub it in and say wisely, "See, I told you so..." (Because ~ I guess - You think I might do the same, when you goof up!)

6. I can express myself anyhow, without the fear of offending your sensibilities... (Your what?!!)

5. When I have been wrong and unreasonable, you give it to me straight, in so many words. (I really welcome healthy criticism, so long as it doesn't concern me!)

4. You bring out the best in me. (Big deal! So do I, for you)

3. Both of us hate the same people! (Let's get together and get some kicks!!)

2. You are one hell of a person! (So am I, damn good too, like you!)

1. You are one in a billion! (What if there were two of you?? I shudder to think...)