Thursday, June 30, 2005

Don't click - a mouse click free site

You don't have to click your mouse to navigate thru' this site. Pretty impressive :)
I found this from here Beeyooteefool :-) Very very nice :-) So peaceful.....

Nattaamai theerpa maathi sollu...

Non-tamil people, don't waste ur time proceeding further.
Tamil readers, Read bottoms up with a tinge of Vadivelu and Vivek in Chinna kounder and Naattamai ishtyle!!!

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Subject: RE: [etmails] PK and Rem comment

Naan: Kounderae, *laughs* Enakku ungalaelaam paaththa paavama irukku, adhanaaala ItthOda nirutthikuvom.
Jap: Ennada innum Arambikkavae illai adhukkulla niruththa solrae.
Naan: Aamaam Arambikkradhu munnaadi dhaane niruttha mudiyum. Idhu varaikkum enna yaarum Otnadhu illai..
Jap: Dei pOna maasam dhaanada unnai Oda Oda OttunnOm.
Naan: Adhu pOna Maasam *grins*.

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Subject: RE: [etmails] PK and Rem comment

Jap to Sheik: Yendra??? Endra salsa pathi pAeSEpOtta? Naan yAethukuda niruthOnom? "Pune"nu sonna PUna mathiri suthivarum Avaan nirutha solluda Naan nirutharaen. Vasool Raja MBBA mathiri yaepothum "apple" ipod potukitu athae "stethoscope"nu avanga appavae yaemathuranae avana nirutha sollu naan nirtuthuraen!!!

From: etmails On Behalf Of Subramanian Sudhakar
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Subject: RE: [etmails] PK and Rem comment

Jap to Sap: Enra PK unra pondatti-kku line kuduppaanda (echos) kudupaanda kudupaanda.

Sap: Thappu kanna thappu. Cheppu cheppu solladhe thappu thappu chollu. Anna sollu anna sollu aan anna sollu aan.

Jap: Enraa sammandhammillaama paesi-pOtta.

Jap to Sheik: Niruthuraaa. Ippadi Sap-kku pvt-a ANUppa vaendiya mail-a group-ukku ANUpradha niruthuraa. Evening light-a tiffin-ra paer-la Hotel Sangeethavaya Oru vaaram close-panradha niruthuraa.

Sheik: Niruthuraenda niruthuraen. Aana enna nirutha solradhukku munnaadi avana niruttha sollu. Presidentunra paer-la OPAL ponnungalukkellaam telephone line kodukkura "Phone Kall" PK-va niruttha sollu naan niruthuraen. Salsa-nra paerla ponnungaloda Jalsa panra Jap-a niruthha sollu naan niruthraen. Rotary club-nnu sollikittu road-a perukkura PONDY Bala-va niruttha sollu naan niruthraen.

Bals: Your honour. This is atrocious. The accused is trying to divert the case with unwanted and irrelevant things bringing in my name and fame to ground.

Jap: niruthuraa. Enna paecchu paesi pOtta. Saadhi sanathukku puriyara maadhiri thamilla solradha vittu pOttu Inglipeesla paesara.

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Saathi sanam yellam "antha" aala maram pakathula assemble aaairukanga...everybody is seated

Sap: Ithu aniyaayam... Avaan landlinela kupdavae illai...Cell phoneuku yaenga cable????

Naan: Dei niruthuda...Avaan yen saathi kaaran...(Pkva paarthu)...Poi abarathatha kannu pillai kitta kuduthudu poidu...

Sap to Moosh: Maaachi...ithu kaevalamda..

Naan: (raising voice) Dei

Sap: Deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!! (Vivek Style)

Naan : Shut-upu

Sap: Get-UPu..Kanna "girls" atheegama cella paesura aabalayum alavuku meeri sirikira ponbalayum orupatatha saritharamae illai... Turns to Pk kanna nei yen kudu va

Pk : Yaen yaethavathu girls "Cell" number irruka?

Sap: Yaenvae matha pakirayaeda..Ptho..Dishum...

From: etmails@ On Behalf Of Subramanian Sudhakar
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 11:41 AM
Subject: RE: [etmails] PK and Rem comment

Kounderae, Ivalo paeriya thappukku 200 Ruvaathaan abarathama? idhu aniyaayam akkramam. Unra pangaali-ngradhaala nee ippadi koracchu solradhu suththama sariyilla. Minor Kunja sudrathula thappae illai. Minor Kunju daily oru ponnukku telephone connection kuduthukittu irukkaan. Adhu REC-la President-a irundhappave OPAL-ukku line kudutha pazhakkamunnu Sap saatchi sollithaan innaikku theriyum. Adhu dhaan andha "Phone Kalls" comment-unnaan.

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From: etmails@ On Behalf Of Arunprasad, Jaganathan
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Subject: RE: [etmails] PK and Rem comment

varathupadadha vaalibar sangaathula BALs yaenda saethina?????? Avana oora vitu othuki rombha naal aaiduchu...

Pk undra thapuku nei Ru 200 abaratham kattitu...Telephone cable aathu vidanum....Telephone cablela vaetum boluthu namba padathula ponnunga thaaliya villain aathu yaerira mathiri oru BG music

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Subject: RE: [etmails] PK and Rem comment

Baby, Unnoda fever vishayattha Pvt-a paesippom. Aana PK matter public-a Rem-layae vandhurucchu, adhukkappuramum ippadi moodi maraikaradhu nallaa illai. I thought PK changed as a womenizer in blr. But never knew he was born that way :)

Avana varathupadadha vaalibar sanga-thila irundhu 10 varusam Odhikki vaikumbadi Chinna Kounder Jap-ayam Naattamai Bals-ayum Kaetukkiran Saamiyoo...



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Ithu yellam PUBLIC Domainla yaeraka kudathuda dei...Privateta paesipoomJ


From: etmails On Behalf Of Subramanian Sudhakar
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005 10:59 AM
Subject: [etmails] PK and Rem comment
Importance: High

1. Jap, as usual u r being exploited. See the reason below y PK is acting as if he is close to u :)

2. Comment printed on !@@##$!%!@#$'s page: Her non-stop nonsense doesn't stop even in Phone Kalls.

Does it ring a bell, Jap? How is ur fever, Jap? ;)


Sunday, June 19, 2005

Anniyan, the movie


Check a review of Anniyan at mouthshut:

The Film: Anniyan = Tell me your dreams (Sidney Sheldon) + Marma Dhesam (Vidaadhu Karuppu) + Fight Club + Lord of the Rings (Golum's character changing alternately) + Indian (Terrorism against wrong doing) + Matrix reloaded (The fight sequence with lots and lotsa Taek-won-do people & “Bullet Time"-The slow motion shots with finer details).

Director: Shankar is back with a bang on the movies on social cause rather than those lovey-dovey things of Jeans and Boyz. I completely agree with the character of Ambi who goes by rules everywhere. Though it brings him a lota bad experiences he sticks to the rules everytime. This may not be possible in the real world but if people think a little on that and try to follow a li'l bit more than what they do, then India can really really move ahead fast in everything. Good that Shankar has made up in this film for the song "Break the rules" in Boyz :)

Songs, Music: Harris Jayaraj lived up to Shankar's expectations in this movie and Shankar can really boast that he is not at the mercy of A.R.Rehman's success on his films. "Andangaakka", "Oh Sukumari", "Kaadhal Yaanai" & "Iyengaaru Veetu" songs are really good to listen in the order I have mentioned. The review link said that "the songs when first heard will leave you cold but on screen they are visual treats". I liked all these 4 songs when I first heard itself. And after reading the above review I just could not wait for that visual treat. Here, "Oh Sukumari" fared well compared to other songs. Another song "Kannum Kannum Nokia" comes next. I expected a lot from the song "Andangaakka"; The Director has not done the justice to that song (May be I expected too much for this song, due to my excessive addiction to this song; Infact this song whenever I listen(I listen to this song every 30 min) gives me immense pleasure and makes me happy, don't know why)

Sadha, the heroine: Looks really really fantabulous in the whole film esp in the song "Oh Sukumari" but not that great(as I expected) in "Andangaakka" :(. Overall her performance is good in this movie. She played her character well.

Vikram, the hero: No wonder he received the National award last year. He kept increasing his variety in roles with every film he acts and this one is awesome. He plays a multiple personality disorder patient with his alter-egos Remo and Anniyan taking him over at their will. His acting in the scene where he is taken into custody by Prakash Raj and beaten up mercilessly is highly commendable. The character change from Anniyan to Ambi every other second is marvelous. The Director and Vikram deserve a big applause in this scene.

Stunts: Shankar boasts of getting 5 National Awards for this film. It may or may-not become true. But the stunt sequence were taken well. The Bullet-Time Visual Cinematography in many of the fight sequences reminds us of the Matrix trilogy. But I wud say that these sequences are even better than the Matrix itself for the fact that here in one seq the camera moves in a circle in a horizontal axis capturing the finer details in slow motion compared to Matrix's vertical axis circular shots. One more applause to the entire film crew.

In one scene, the hero (alter-ego Anniyan) finds that the heroine is erring and going against the law and he chases like mad to kill her. It could have been good if he really thrown her in the fire making justice to the character (*evil grins*). Overall, the film is good. I expect it to be a big hit in the box office. And the movie can be watched atleast once.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Batman begins

Batman is my favourite super hero just because he doesn't have any super-powers like other super heroes and relies only on the gadgets he have. The other super hero I like is Phantom, because Phantom never kills. The following article is taken from How Stuff Works:

Night in and night out, Batman keeps the streets of Gotham City safe from crime and villainy. One of the most extraordinary things about Batman is this: Despite the fact that he's a superhero, he doesn't actually posses any super powers. Instead of relying on unearthly abilities, Batman uses ingenuity, deception and clever gadgetry to give him an edge over Gotham's criminal element. Nothing instills fear in the hearts of Gotham's wrongdoers more than Batman's menacing appearance, and that appearance is all about the Batsuit.

The Batsuit does a lot more for Batman than make him look scary. On its own, the suit is a pretty impressive piece of technology. The Batsuit combines armor, communications and combat technologies into one state-of-the-art crime-fighting system.

In this article, we'll look at the different components of the Batsuit, explain how they work and see how Batman uses them to keep the streets safe at night.

The complete article is at: How the Batsuit Works. Read it even if you are not a movie or batman buff. It has cool scientific facts on the gadgets batman carry.

Batman Trivia: Batman hates Superman so much that he will give a blow on his face if they happen to meet.

Shuffle, a real shuffler?

IPod Shuffle, an amazing product from apple, really made my life different. I can talk Shuffle, walk Shuffle & laugh Shuffle sorta influence on my life. My room-mates comment that I take the Shuffle even to bathroom. With the pod in pocket and plugs in the sockets I look like a cool guy to some and a weirdo to many. Anyway "Itz ok, itz not new for me" (Never mind the stmt in quotes, itz a new one we got to know from "The Stud of RECT", Meta Arun & one can use this stmt to anything and everything, esp when one get kelas back to back). Room-mates words are true except for the bathroom; I use the Shuffle anywhere and everywhere - home, jogging in the road, riding the bike, in office cube and gym. My friend Sunnath wudn't have thought of how it cud affect his time when he gives the Shuffle to me. I made him really feel for what he had done. With the Shuffle in my ears I just didn't pay heed to him for the days he was in blr expecting a good time here. He said he's gonna write his experience in his blog and I am not gonna like it. Letz see how bad he is going to project me there >:)

ps: Trackback Url to my previous post Random

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Entire human brain to be modeled

IBM and a Swiss university teamed up to model the entire human brain using IBM's latest super computer Blue Gene and this project is called Blue Brain.

Blue Brain: IBM and Swiss university to model human brain

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Millennium Simulation - the largest ever model of the Universe

Not much time had gone by since I read the novel "Angels & Demons" which talks about simulation of Big Bang and creation of Universe, matter, anti-matter and all those high-sounding hi-fi cool words which u wud have come across in ur higher secondary physics book and now I am reading this for real.

Millennium Simulation - the largest ever model of the Universe