Sunday, March 06, 2005


Today is my friend Jap's birthday and I didn't give him anything. Two and a half years back, he presented me an archie's poster on my birthday. I still have that poster hanging in my cube. I am giving those words to him here. Happy Birthday Jap.

Why you should always be my FRIEND!

10. Time spent with you is anything but boring! (No wonder, trouble tags behind you, most of the time!)

9. I can always rely upon you, because you are a responsible person. (Yeah, whenever something goes wrong, everybody knows, you are responsible!)

8. When I happen to be in trouble, you always take out time, and advise me. (Though, it is usually your advice that gets me in trouble most of the time!)

7. If I happen to goof up things, you never rub it in and say wisely, "See, I told you so..." (Because ~ I guess - You think I might do the same, when you goof up!)

6. I can express myself anyhow, without the fear of offending your sensibilities... (Your what?!!)

5. When I have been wrong and unreasonable, you give it to me straight, in so many words. (I really welcome healthy criticism, so long as it doesn't concern me!)

4. You bring out the best in me. (Big deal! So do I, for you)

3. Both of us hate the same people! (Let's get together and get some kicks!!)

2. You are one hell of a person! (So am I, damn good too, like you!)

1. You are one in a billion! (What if there were two of you?? I shudder to think...)