Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Shuffle, a real shuffler?

IPod Shuffle, an amazing product from apple, really made my life different. I can talk Shuffle, walk Shuffle & laugh Shuffle sorta influence on my life. My room-mates comment that I take the Shuffle even to bathroom. With the pod in pocket and plugs in the sockets I look like a cool guy to some and a weirdo to many. Anyway "Itz ok, itz not new for me" (Never mind the stmt in quotes, itz a new one we got to know from "The Stud of RECT", Meta Arun & one can use this stmt to anything and everything, esp when one get kelas back to back). Room-mates words are true except for the bathroom; I use the Shuffle anywhere and everywhere - home, jogging in the road, riding the bike, in office cube and gym. My friend Sunnath wudn't have thought of how it cud affect his time when he gives the Shuffle to me. I made him really feel for what he had done. With the Shuffle in my ears I just didn't pay heed to him for the days he was in blr expecting a good time here. He said he's gonna write his experience in his blog and I am not gonna like it. Letz see how bad he is going to project me there >:)

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