Monday, March 28, 2005

Death is hereditary but..

Death is hereditary but a family committing suicide in a similar fashion as that of itz earlier generation is quite annoying. People, what is happening with ya all. Why don't u invent some new ways of committing suicide? Jumping from an eighth floor home is certainly wild and adventurous but without a rope or parachute is what makes it really *wild*. Believe me, it is really scary to stand at the edge of a high place and about to fall from it. But once u r airborne it feels real good. Try it atleast once but remember to have a rope or parachute tied to u so that u can cherish those moments after a while unlike that family which forgot to fasten it up.

Family repeats suicide pact drama

ps: If u guyz have any innovative ways of committing suicide then do write it in the comments section :)