Sunday, June 19, 2005

Anniyan, the movie


Check a review of Anniyan at mouthshut:

The Film: Anniyan = Tell me your dreams (Sidney Sheldon) + Marma Dhesam (Vidaadhu Karuppu) + Fight Club + Lord of the Rings (Golum's character changing alternately) + Indian (Terrorism against wrong doing) + Matrix reloaded (The fight sequence with lots and lotsa Taek-won-do people & “Bullet Time"-The slow motion shots with finer details).

Director: Shankar is back with a bang on the movies on social cause rather than those lovey-dovey things of Jeans and Boyz. I completely agree with the character of Ambi who goes by rules everywhere. Though it brings him a lota bad experiences he sticks to the rules everytime. This may not be possible in the real world but if people think a little on that and try to follow a li'l bit more than what they do, then India can really really move ahead fast in everything. Good that Shankar has made up in this film for the song "Break the rules" in Boyz :)

Songs, Music: Harris Jayaraj lived up to Shankar's expectations in this movie and Shankar can really boast that he is not at the mercy of A.R.Rehman's success on his films. "Andangaakka", "Oh Sukumari", "Kaadhal Yaanai" & "Iyengaaru Veetu" songs are really good to listen in the order I have mentioned. The review link said that "the songs when first heard will leave you cold but on screen they are visual treats". I liked all these 4 songs when I first heard itself. And after reading the above review I just could not wait for that visual treat. Here, "Oh Sukumari" fared well compared to other songs. Another song "Kannum Kannum Nokia" comes next. I expected a lot from the song "Andangaakka"; The Director has not done the justice to that song (May be I expected too much for this song, due to my excessive addiction to this song; Infact this song whenever I listen(I listen to this song every 30 min) gives me immense pleasure and makes me happy, don't know why)

Sadha, the heroine: Looks really really fantabulous in the whole film esp in the song "Oh Sukumari" but not that great(as I expected) in "Andangaakka" :(. Overall her performance is good in this movie. She played her character well.

Vikram, the hero: No wonder he received the National award last year. He kept increasing his variety in roles with every film he acts and this one is awesome. He plays a multiple personality disorder patient with his alter-egos Remo and Anniyan taking him over at their will. His acting in the scene where he is taken into custody by Prakash Raj and beaten up mercilessly is highly commendable. The character change from Anniyan to Ambi every other second is marvelous. The Director and Vikram deserve a big applause in this scene.

Stunts: Shankar boasts of getting 5 National Awards for this film. It may or may-not become true. But the stunt sequence were taken well. The Bullet-Time Visual Cinematography in many of the fight sequences reminds us of the Matrix trilogy. But I wud say that these sequences are even better than the Matrix itself for the fact that here in one seq the camera moves in a circle in a horizontal axis capturing the finer details in slow motion compared to Matrix's vertical axis circular shots. One more applause to the entire film crew.

In one scene, the hero (alter-ego Anniyan) finds that the heroine is erring and going against the law and he chases like mad to kill her. It could have been good if he really thrown her in the fire making justice to the character (*evil grins*). Overall, the film is good. I expect it to be a big hit in the box office. And the movie can be watched atleast once.