Friday, October 21, 2005

What to look for in present and future cellphones

What to look for in the present day phones?
1. Good UI with all the basic applications
2. Good ringer volume & speaker voume
3. Good signal reception
4. Good battery capacity
5. Good number of connectivity - USB, bluetooth, IrDA
6. Lot of goodies like Music players, FM tuner, Camera
7. Good storage capacity - Internal & External(MMC, SD, TransFlash)
8. Small form factor and a very jazzy look

What to look for in the future phones?
This is your space to fill in. Feel free to comment no matter how crap & stupid they are. Like,
1. Should be a good paper weight
2. My personal anger manager, whenever I feel like banging my head I shud be able to hit it hard against the wall.
3. Should have a good vibrator ;-)
4. In-built makeup kit with powder puff and mirror?