Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Revenge is a dish best served cold

Mr. Smith: The coffee is cold.
Mrs. Smith: So are you x(
Mr. Smith: Why you so angry at me? I just asked the coffee be heated.
Mrs. Smith: Why don't you do it yourself?
Mr. Smith: Hmmm.. Weird. What happened to you suddenly?
Mrs. Smith: Why you so late today?
Mr. Smith: Oh! I was in office. Had some urgent work to finish before I leave home. I was working all alo....
Mrs. Smith: Bite your tongue. Bite it. I called your office and found that you left office an hour earlier than you usually do.
Mr. Smith: Honey, true. Well, I.. what.. hmmm.. (Taking the diamond ring out of his pocket) Happy Birthday honey :D
Mrs. Smith: What?? But itz not my birthday yet. We still have a week to go for that.
Mr. Smith: (Yeah!! But my secretary's is tomorrow :( ) Can I get that coffee be heated now?
Mrs. Smith: Sure dear :-*

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