Monday, December 19, 2005

F1 & God mode

On friday I did something out of my own way and offered help to someone who was in need. One middle aged lady was beaten up brutally by her illegitimate partner with a big stone.

After the movie, I was riding my bike in the same route I take everytime when I come from MG Road. But instead of taking right to go towards 12th main I carried on forward crossing ESI hospital. Just around the corner, I noticed a lady and a man walking in the opposite side. Suddenly that lady fell to the ground and the guy didn't care but was walking without attending her. I saw him hitting her but didn't know that he used a big stone (bigger than a block of brick). The place was dimly lit and no one cud see her lying in the road. I watched her thru my rear view mirror just checking if someone stopped by to help her. No one did. My mind ran wild whether to help her out or just go away home as if I noticed nothing. After a minute, I turned my bike around and came to the place where I found her lying helpless with blood oozing out of her head.

When I crossed the road, some cars and bike sped away but none took notice of her lying in a pool of blood. I went near her and checked if she is conscious. Fortunately she was. I saw some people stopping their bikes not to attend her but to urinate on the other sides. I called for help and then only they noticed that some one is injured. People asked me if it was some hit-n-run accident. I told them what I saw and since it is very near to hospital I asked them to help me take her to the hospital. One of them suggested itz better talk to the hospital and bring a stretcher. I went to the hospital and told the guard that some lady was hit by her husband and she is lying in the road. The guard told me that this hospital is not for the public and only for the Employees of something. I started shouting at him and he let me in to talk to the duty nurse.

Inside the ESI hospital I saw a room filled with a lady nurse and some 3 to 4 apprentice sorta guys. I explained her about the situation for which she too gave me the same reply. I again shouted at her saying that they are not humane. Later she agreed that if we bring the victim by ourselves she will do the first aid. I thanked her and ran towards the lady. By that time a big crowd had gathered there. I told the people what the nurse told me and one person said that it can be spinal injury and so we shudn't move the victim. He made sense but no one has called the police or ambulance yet. I called the ambulance and then the police. The police were much quicker to come.

One couple who stopped by too tried the ESI hospital without any luck. One autowallah stopped by and he said that he knew where this lady resides from and he can show us the place so that we can call her relatives for help. The lady in that couple stayed back with her kid and started talking to the lady in distress, calming her so that she won't get frightened. The gentleman took the auto driver and brought back the relatives. By that time the police arrived and they started inspecting the place but the victim was still lying in the ground unattended. Then a lady doc stopped by and said that they can take the victim to CMH hospital in the police jeep.

The victim, with her relatives, was taken to CMH in the police jeep and 2 police men started collecting the stone and inspected the blood. I told them that I was the one who witnessed the incident and called the police and asked them if I shud give any complaint or anything. They said I need not do anything and I may leave now. The people standing there congratulated me for what I have done and they too left. I started my bike with a double thinking if I shud go to CMH or home.

My bike went towards CMH. I cud see the relatives standing outside the casuality area. One lady was unconsolable. Fortunately there was one guy among the victim's relatives. I went to him and asked how she is doing. He said that the doctors are attending to her and the victim was conscious when she was taken in. A nurse gave out a prescription to buy. I took it from her and bought the syringe and the medicine and gave them to the nurse. I had only 150 bucks in my purse that day and those medicines itself were 157 bucks. I emptied my pocket to get the remaining Rs 7.

Then the attender there told me that the victim did not sustain any major injury and just small cut in her head and in the outer ear. Now I was in peace that she survived the blow. Then I asked the victim's relatives if they need money. That guy told me that whatever I have done itself was more and they don't need money. But I could see that they are very poor. The victim is a roadside vendor selling greens. I asked that guy to take care of her when she returns home and went home.

On the way was my ATM so went in there took some money and rode back to the hospital. I offered that guy some money but the relatives denied further help from me. So I gave them my number telling them that they can call me if there is any need. Also asked that guy to give me a call about her health status after some days. They thanked me a lot thatz when I felt like God. By the time I reached home it was 11.30 pm. I ate my dinner and retired for the day.

People I am removing the comments section once and for all. It will be back in my page when I feel like putting it. Adios haloscan comments. And in the same vein I am going to be discreet with commenting on others' blogs too. Don't ask me why, I have every right to be weird :)

It seems brutality against women is on the rise. Ladies be careful. Thatz all I can say. If you know Taek-Won-Do or any similar self defensive art you can be safe.