Tuesday, May 30, 2006

1 ltr vodka + 6 guys = enough fun for a night

1 ltr ABSOLUT citron vodka is enough for 6 guys to make an evening very funny. Once you are flying you don't need to think of a topic. The universal topic of bachelorhood immediately pops up and fills the entire night with mixed arguments. Once drunk, the things which you generally don't open up with anyone starts seeping through your mouth and soon flows like a wild river. Is that because you are drunk and you are not in control? Nope. Everyone of us were in complete control. But once you are drunk you feel that whatever you are going to say will be listened to with extreme concentration and your message will reach everyone. Yesterday was fun. I was told in the morning that I retired to bed ranting and raving about me being one of the two among the six who was never been kissed :(