Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Another "7/G Rainbow Colony" in the making?

Well, I am not talking about any other new tamil film in the release line up. I am just mentioning about myself and a cute gal in my office. You guyz believe in love at first sight? I do(Believe me.. It happened to me a lot of times!! LOL). I am just staring at her everytime I get a chance to see her and she too gives me a look but it is just like Sonia Agarwal looking at the hero when she goes with her dad in his scooter. It's an angry glance & not an amiable one. I know why she gives that angry look at me, I used to keep on staring at her when she was in the training room attending some training in her group. My cube is just near the training room she attended and she was sitting in the place where I can see her from my cube and she can see only me. As the hero in the film says... "To get a good figure It's not bad to get beatings and swearings", I too am behind that good figure. Well this exchanging of looks will continue till I get a good slap or a good response from her!!