Monday, January 02, 2006

Hyderabadi (no) blues

Dec 30th:
17.30 hrs
boarded the Kacheguda Express

Dec 31st:
05.45 hrs
reached Kacheguda (Hyderabad) Rly station
06.00 hrs met Gopi & his bro who came to pick me up
06.20 hrs stopped for coffee in a big but cheap shop. The coffee was excellent.
06.40 hrs stopped by KBR park, biggest park in Hyderabad with wildlife like Peacocks & peahens. Had a stroll inside the park
07.00 hrs started from the park towards Gopi's home.
07.15 hrs reached Gopi's home in Madhapur. Took rest for sometime and then took bath
09.20 hrs went out for breakfast. Had a good breakfast at Maheshwari hotel.
10.00 hrs collected tickets for the night's New Year party at Pragati resorts with Shaan's live-in-concert.
12.00 hrs left home to Hyderabad Central. Looked for an accessory for my new phone. The accessory's costed 2400/- which is 40% of the actual phone's cost. But still I believe its worth it. So may be soon I will buy it.
13.15 hrs had lunch at the Chutney's
14.00 hrs wondered what to do next. Came up with an idea of going to movie at Prasad's but all the movies housefull except for "Santa and the Snowman", a 3D movie in IMAX but the show starts only at 17.30 hrs
14.40 hrs started to Salar Jung's museum, heard from Gopi that it is the world's biggest museum of a single person/family's collection. Bals told me that they are showcasing the Diamonds collected by some guy in that museum, which is the headlines in NDTV.
15.15 hrs on the way to the museum, visited the Charminar. Took a round about near Charminar and again came thru the same way.
15.25 hrs reached Salar Jung's museum. No Diamond showcase, it starts only on 1st. Strolled aimlessly in the museum going in and out of each room commenting on the Raja's dress and armour's.
15.40 hrs went into food court of the museum. Ate some snacks and Gopi showed his instant reflex of saving the samosa paper plate flying away due to the breeze, but in turn he kept the samosa on the table and threw it in the trash then.
15.55 hrs hurried to the place in the museum where some 400 - 500 people standing expecting some great event to occur. The place's main attraction a double century old cuckoo clock with a sepoy in place of the cuckoo which will come out ring the bell.
16.00 hrs the sepoy doll came out and stroke the gong 4 times and the crowd went out in guffaws.
16.45 hrs reached Prasad's and bought tickets for "Santa & the Snowman".
16.50 hrs went to food court and had snacks. Spent some good time watching the birds too :)
17.30 hrs Movie started. The trailers of some other 3D movies were shown. The trailer of first 3D movie shot in space was shown and it was better than the movie that followed. But a 3D movie in India's only IMAX made it a day for me. Itz just like the stereograms which I see in the newspapers and in the net except for the fact that you need not strain your eyes and head concentrating to bring that hidden image alive. The theatre provided us with spectacles which made it easy for us to enjoy the movie. Itz the second 3D movie I saw in my entire life, the first being "My dear Kutti chaathaan", chotta chehthan's tamil version some 14 years ago.
18.45 hrs reached home to freshen up for the New Year Eve's party.
19.30 hrs started towards Pragathi resorts. Picked up one school friend of Gopi on the way.
21.00 hrs reached the resort following a bus going to that resort. Went straight to dinner area. We're already feeling sleepy. Dinner was good.
22.00 hrs came to the concert area. Shaan was already in the stage singing the numbers for a huge crowd.
23.40 hrs Ulti called me. The only call I got for the New Year. Thanks to the Network congestion, even my family couldn't reach me. Moreover my new phone's battery went almost dead.
23.59 hrs Shaan started the countdown from 10 seconds

Jan 1st (Happy New Year):
00.00 hrs
The crowd was having a blast and shouted in unison "Happy New Year" with Shaan. Fireworks started. Fireworks went for a good 30 - 40 min.
00.30 hrs Shaan picked up the lucky draw and we didn't win any :( But the party went on for another hour.
01.25 hrs started back home. I told Gopi that I am going for a jog in the morning and he should also accompany me. Gopi accepted and told me to wake him up in the morning if I wake up.
02.10 hrs reached home. Anil, Gopi's colleague, waits for Gopi to deliver his wishes.
02.30 hrs retired to bed.

06.30 hrs my body's internal alarm went off and lost sleep. Was feeling sluggish in bed but no sleep.
06.45 hrs got up and irritated Gopi to get up and come for a jog.
07.00 hrs got info from Gopi about a ground near by and started in that direction. That ground was a lousy one. Itz just a waste land where some 3 guyz were practising karate. I decided not to go round about that ground and went straight and joined the Hi-tec city main road but jogged towards the KBR park.
07.25 hrs stopped by an autowalla and inquired the distance for KBR park. One km to go.
07.35 hrs stopped by a bouquet guy and inquired again about the distance. Go down the road and it hits the KBR park.
07.45 hrs reached KBR park and went to the jogger's strip and started jogging in the anti-clockwise direction :) Dead end. Turned back and asked the gardener if there is a route to go round about the park. He said I gotta take the platform only in the main road to go in the circle. Left that idea of joggin in the platform but continued in clockwise direction. Started wishing everyone "Happy New Year". I think I am the only one to do so since everyone were surprised and promptly wished me back. Even a gal who came with her dad for a morning walk stopped by to thank and wish me back. Since it was New Year, not many people turned up in that strip. Hit the dead end again in the clockwise direction too. So turned back again in anti-clockwise and jogged and wished everyone who were coming opposite to me. Met the same dad & daughter duo and wished again. The dad guy gave me aa angry stare that I escaped immediately without wishing his daughter this time.
08.15 hrs reached the dead end and took the exit and started walking back to Madhapur. On the way too I wished everyone who made an eye-contact with me. I thank my iPod shuffle for giving me a good company for this entire jogging session making me feel good.
08.40 hrs wished 2 modern looking jeans t-shirt worn jukk clan gals(remember jill-jung-jukk of Kadhalan), who inturn neither wished me back nor shouted at me but gave me a who's-this-weirdo-wishing-me-happy-new-year look. I didn't turn back to see if they were staring at me even after I crossed them.
09.00 hrs reached Gopi's home. Watched TV for an hour. Took bath
10.50 hrs woken up Gopi. Went out for breakfast again in the same Maheshwari hotel.
11.15 hrs asked Gopi to go home since I wanted to make some phone calls. Tried for almost 45 min for some 7 or 8 numbers. But got through only 3 numbers and the total time of call was 10 min only.
12.10 hrs went back home. Everyone was awake. Now the plan started for the rest of the day. Anil and Jay, Anil's friend and our college junior were there too. The planning went on and on and on. Finally settled down for an exotic lunch at Koyla.
13.30 hrs 6 people (Myself, Gopi, his bro, his cousin, Anil & Jay) crammed into Gopi's santro & Gopi was my laptop :(
14.10 hrs reached Koyla. Orders took time
15.00 hrs 7th person joined in. Plans went on again what to do after lunch. Lotsa things were discussed as options - Go carting, Bowling and then Cinema Paradiso(a DVD shop with a flat panel TV and BOSE home theatre and plush leather couch which can accomodate 10 people). The votes were in and it was Cinema Paradiso (the others were rejected keeping in mind about the time it will take to come back since I had my bus at 21.30 hrs). Again big discussion about which movie to see.
16.30 hrs 4 people went in the Santro and 3 of us(Myself, Gopi & Anil) went in auto.
16.40 hrs reached the Cinema Paradiso. Now all the 7 of us were browsing thru the small collection of DVDs which they got that day for the movie to watch. Again lotsa opinions propped up. Atlast after 40 min we started to eliminate what not to see. Atlast "swordfish" & "Catch me if you can" remained. Since 4 of the 7 haven't seen "Catch me if you can" we chose that.
17.30 hrs the movie started. In between the amp got turned off. So no sound for 10 min. The technical guy came back and resetted the player and the sound came thru. It again happened after sometime.
20.10 hrs the movie is left with 20 to 30 more min. But I didn't have time. So myself, Gopi & his bro started from there to home to pack my bag.
20.30 hrs reached home. Packed the bag.
20.40 hrs started towards the Bus stand.
21.20 hrs reached the Bus stand. Looked for the bus location. Got my ticket ticked by the conductor. Then took a grape juice and bought a pack of Good day biscuits of which I still have the half pack while writing this post. Gopi & his bro checked if my adjacent seat has got a single gal. NO it was a guy :(
21.40 hrs bus started. Waved Gopi & his bro good bye.
22.10 hrs fell into the arms of sleep goddess with my iPod shuffle still running.
23.50 hrs woke up and switched off the shuffle and went back to zzzzz.

Jan 2nd:
07.00 hrs
woke up to find the bus stationed in some village tea shop in Karnataka. No sign of city nearby. Thought that bangalore should be quite some distance from there. But the driver said that the bus will reach Majestic by 08.15 hrs
08.30 hrs Bus reached Majestic.
08.40 hrs caught a Bus to Thippasandra.
08.20 hrs reached thippasandra and walked towards home.