Sunday, November 11, 2007

Relativity theory's third case

1. For people whose time is money, going from ITPL to "Yeshwantpur" station is a very costly proposition.
2. My 2 yr old nephew has a very good chance of getting into IIT; he is already developing traits of an IITian. He prefers to wear the same shirt and pant everyday.
3. Hyderabad traffic can be as annoying as Bangalore's.
4. Don't believe anyone who says he can drive you to tirupathi from tirumala in 30 min.
5. And when he says KSRTC buses will wait 15 min more for passengers, don't even trust.
6. Tamil is the favourite language, for swearing, among bus drivers.
7. Einstein didn't mention about the third case of layman's explanation on relativity: Sitting next to a pretty girl but on a hot engine (stove). It is same as the case of sitting on a hot stove. Pretty girls can't improve the situation.