Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Sony Ericsson

Yayy!! I love missing my last bus. Well not the last bus really. Missing the bus by whiskers is annoying to many. It was annoying to me sometime back. But nowadays I love missing the bus. Everytime I miss my bus by a few seconds I am sure that I am gonna be following the girl, whom I wanted to talk to for more than a year now. I waited for 5 min for the girl to arrive but she was not to be seen. May be I am too early and still missed the bus thatz why she's not arrived. My mind said "Hmmm. No donut for you this time and you have to walk alone". I walked and walked and walked. It is a long 10 min walk with no one good to be followed. I reached the bus stop. Now I see the girl coming hurriedly to the bus stop watching the TCS bus going past her without stopping for her. The bus would have stopped had I waved my hand. But I thought it is not my business to stop some other company's bus. Now she too missed the bus. The sadist in me was watching her with a big grin while her face shrunk in disappointment. I went ahead and said "Looks like you missed the bus by seconds". She smiled and we started talking. I told her that I've been seeing her for more than a year but never got a chance to talk. She smiled again. And again she smiled. It is one of the most radiant smile I have ever seen. We introduced ourselves to each other. And to my surprise she's got the same name as the girl whom I met in the same bus stop a year ago. Coincidence which I can't tell her out. While I was talking to her one ITPL bus came but before I could wave my hands it went without stopping. She exclaimed "Oh! You missed the bus again". Making my face sad, I said "Yeah and these ITPL bus drivers need to be shot". After sometime another TCS bus came and she waved a bye to me and boarded the bus. And in minutes another ITPL bus came and I boarded. From now on I need not follow the girl. I can walk with her and yes I love missing my bus.