Monday, January 08, 2007

What's so good about owning a Thunderbird?

What's so good about owning a Thunderbird? Is it because..
1. it can go really fast?
2. the acceleration is too good?
3. the seats are comfortable for a cruise?

Nope. Karizma & Pulsar can go faster and accelerate better. The pillion will know how tough it is to sit on a long cruise. None of them really is the reason.

It's the respect & pride you get in owning one. The space you get when you stop in the signal. The respect the cars show you when you are before them (they won't honk to make you move). The envious look of the other bikers. The inquisitive questions about the performance, mileage and cost from the curious bikers. And the nice treatment you get from the cops. And last of all, the satisfaction in taming a 350cc beast which makes you feel like God himself.