Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Got a new PC at my office desk... Ooooh yet to see how it works though.

Just now one person from System support group brought me a new HP workstation xw4100 with Intel P4 HT logo on it. Waiting for the people to assemble it and install any remaining things to make it running. I am excited to look on how it's better than my rock-solid-age-old DELL Optiplex Gx1 with Intel P2 running at 450 MHz. I love my old m/c very much except for the speed at which it crawls(?). I asked for just an upgrade in speed but they are giving me a new PC itself. Wow!!! I didn't like only onething in the new PC. It has got a M$ Win XP logo too. I hate Win XP. I will switch the desktop appearance to Classic Win2k style once itz up and running! Will update more once I try my hands on my new PC.