Friday, December 03, 2004

Footloose programme - "Cauvery Fishing Camp", Part III

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Nov 26, 1330 hrs

Everyone was dead tired and more than that were too much hungry. Fortunately the food was ready and waiting for us. I was so hungry that I didn't mind that the food was hot. Result, loss of sensation in tongue. Who cares? I was appeased now. Since there were only a limited no. of vehicles in that camp, some people are still waiting to be transported to the camp. By the time they came here we all were taking rest in the river banks.

I was taking snaps in the digi cam I borrowed from my friend PK. And after one more hr every one was transported and every finished their brunch. Now we were ready for our next activity and no one knew what it is. The coordinator gave us 2 options - 1. Trek & 2. Go to the other side of the river and play those team building games. No one is ready for a trek after that tiring trip and moreover everyone just had their brunch. So we chose to play.

We went to the other side of the river by the coracles. That was the first time I have ever been on a coracle. My colleague said in Hogenekal is the place where coracle rides will be scary due to the currents. But I felt that feeling in Galibore itself. It is just 5 min ride in the coracle to get to the other side. From the other side the camp looked really beautiful with so much vegetation. I just clicked and clicked and then only I found out that the memory is getting lower and lower. So I stopped and started concentrating on taking snaps with people in it.

Then the instructor assembled all of us in the sand. I should thank the weather for playing good. It was cloudy but no rains. So it was not hot atleast. He made 6 groups out of us. And we started playing the number game. 3 teams will be competing with each other in 2 rounds and the winners from each round will compete against each other in final. The game is like: There will be 10 people in all the groups and each one will be given a digit. Then the instructor will call a multi digit number and we got to arrange ourselves accordingly. It seemed easy but when he called out the number it took much time to arrange. It was fun. But we lost. In the next round one team lacked people and I again played the game with them and this time my team won!! And again in the final we lost. Then we played another game of passing balls (and not balLs!) through strainer. The time went away very fast and it was 1645 hrs now.

Now the coordinator said we can have a trek and come back down in an 50 min. So we gotta cross the river again using those coracles and reached the main side. There we split up into 2 teams and trekked up from different directions. I cud see how much my smoking & drinking habit deteriorated my stamina. But now I have quit it. The last I took either a smoke or drink was on Nov 05. From that day to now(the moment I am writing this), I haven't touched any of them even once. On Nov 5th all my room-mates took a vow(for no reason) that we won't drink or smoke again. I can say proudly that I am the only one who still maintains that vow. OK back to trek. I got exhausted in the first 10 min of trek itself. I wondered how myself, smaraa & ulu trekked for 35 kms on a single day last year in that beautiful green route. But I composed myself and trekked for another 20 min and I was totally down when I reached the watch tower up there. After a 5 min rest we all went up the tower took snaps and ready to come down. Trekking down is not that tiring but it is not without challenges. Lots of stones that will roll just at the place where ur feet touches the ground. So I didn't take the way it had instead went through the bushes which were firm to the ground. As expected we were down there in 50 min in total.

Now it's time for us to again go back home. Everyone enjoyed the trip though it started like a disastrous expedition. This trip is far from over. We need to transport all those 55 people to the road which is 9 km and there were only 2 jeeps and a van available. So this transport took another hour. We were waiting for the bus to start. At 1900 hrs the bus started and I thought of having nap in my seat. But our guyz were full of enthu that they had brought the Thumbola or Full house game too. They distributed the tickets and collected Rs. 5 ofcourse! Whenever the lot is picked and number is called I exclaimed that I had that number and everyone gave me a surprised look. But even when the second full house was won my ticket was as good as new with a very min punches against it. Like that one more hour gone past and we were still having an hour to reach the office from where we started. Now I just talked to a colleague of mine who is competing strong against me in seeing all the gals that go past our cube. yes.. he sits just near my cube. We were chatting about all the good songs and movies we knew and occasionally he was teasing a gal sitting in the other row about her watching the same-type-shahrukh-khan movie "Veer Zara" twice. And the remaining one hour also went past. The bus reached the office and every one left to their place happily expecting that this sort of trip shud never happen to us again atleast the onward journey!!!

The sequence of events can be traced by following the pix I have uploaded here. It even has the road-block pix!!!!

This weekend I am planning for back-to-back trips. On saturday to Sivasamudram falls, a bike trip for 120 kms waiting to happen(?) and on Sunday to Sidharabetta, a beautiful hill with caves through which one gotta squeeze thro most of the part with the trek team "The Wild". I will update this page this monday again. Till then Adios amigos/amigas. Happy Weekend!!!