Monday, November 29, 2004

Weekend movies.

This weekend I watched 7G Rainbow Colony in theatre and realized what I missed in the thiruttu(pirated) VCD. What to do, this moratorium is killing all non-kannada movie fans here in Bangalore. In the VCD all the main scenes are cut-off. Also I was enjoying the movie comparing myself with the hero ;) except for the last few minutes in which the heroine dies. Nice screenplay but the dialogue delivery from the actors is not upto the industry standards.

Another movie which I watched is Vaasthu Sasthra in PVR cinemas(India's largest Multiplex). I went to the film with my friend PK who saw that film in cable channel and said it's good. I didn't find it good infact I felt annoyed when the door closing sound comes every now and then without a reason. Even the small kid sitting behind us felt bored and was kept on asking his parents "When will the ghost come?"