Monday, November 29, 2004

Footloose programme - "Cauvery Fishing Camp", Part I

Nov 25, 2350 hrs.

The buses were scheduled to start by 0645 hrs IST on Nov 26th (Read the word IST - always add an hour to it). I started ironing my clothes listening to songs. I was way too excited that I am going out with my colleagues after 2 years. I wanted to sleep as early as possible so that I won't miss the bus early in the morning. You can't believe I kept four alarms in the room so that I will wake up atleast for one (Two big Orpat timepieces which are very famous to wake up even the next room mate in college hostel, one in my cellphone and one in the TV).

The time is 0030 hrs on Nov 26th now. I switched off the TV and went to sleep in the hall itself (That's my bedroom anyway, I have been driven out from the bedrooms by my room mates saying that I am an untouchable without a gf). I was too tired but still could not get sleep because of the excitement. I turned on the lights, switched on the TV just to make my eyes sore so that it will droop down and I will get some sleep. But still no luck. I am wide awake. My brain immediately thought of a very good idea to induce me in deep sleep... It's reading!! I hate reading books. Whenever I start reading even b4 I complete a page I will feel sleepy. Even the best of the page-turners can't win me in this. I started reading the book "What if?" (a counterfactual book, which shows Hitler in its cover. But too much of history which will make even a fresh mind to sleep). Even this book is playing against me now. I am just reading and reading without making any meaning out of the words I read, but still no sleep. Hmmmmm... atlast after an hour the book fell off from my hands and indicated that I am in a trance and can switch of the lights and TV and sleep.

Hmmmm... Now I am sleeping. But not so fast, the dark angels that surrounded the room told me in my dreams. Suddenly I woke up swatting all over my body. Air raids just started. Mosquitoes could not leave me as my body sends the IR signal through heat. And Army also joined in soon. I meant the bed bugs. I could not sleep any longer. I woke up and made up my mind to destroy the army atleast. I switched on the lights to find a fat bug on my pillow. I just threw it on the floor and stamped it. I operated in "Search & Destroy" mode and soon killed 3 more. Now the air raids withered down. And this operation too was success and it made me too exhausted that I fell back sleeping with the lights on. The time was 0200 hrs.

At 0545 hrs the first alarm broke the eerie silence of the dark. I, being pre-occupied by the trip, got up immediately and switched on the TV and canceled the other alarms too. Getting up that early that too on a week day is very odd to me. I got my teeth brushed and got readied soon that I started off from my home by 0635 hrs. My office is just 3 km from my home and at that early hours there is a very little vehicles on the road. I reached the office in 5 min to see a lot of people waiting (not for me but for the time of departure).

Wait for the Part II. I will be writing it tomorrow.