Friday, December 17, 2004

Round, round baby round, round.

Yesterday I went during my lunch hours to renew my vehicle insurance for the next year. I could have done it online or sending a cheque but I need to change the Address for communication too. Also thatz the last day b4 my existing insurance expires(I am strict follower of deadlines :)) I called up Bajaj-Allianz insurance company and got to know that they were located in residency road but I am not sure of the exact location in residency road. The call centre executive told me that it is opposite to Bishop-Cotton School. I knew the location now.

I set out at 1300 hrs from my office. Until I reach MG Road - Residency road split everything was proper. But when I have to enter Residency road I saw a sign "One-way, do not enter". From there I tried to enter Residency road from all the ways it had but could not find the Insurance Co. This way I was circling the Residency road 5 times and the circles were really big and congested. Atlast when I saw Bajaj Allianz I found that it is at the far end of Residency road where there is one more Bishop-Cotton school. Even after I found it I could not go into that building, since I entered Residency road from Hudson circle and there is a the bridge coming down to Residency road & a divider between the roads which is yet to be removed. Like that I gotta go another round through Richmond Circle to get into the building. It took me 1.5 hrs to reach it. After that some paper work for another 15 min and return journey took me only 15 min :)

Whoever designed this one-way for Residency road should be a genius. There is no alternate one-way going in the reverse direction near Residency road which can be accessed from Residency road. Y'day I explored lots of routes and to my surprise I didn't get frustrated but was murmuring "Round Round" song by Sugababes to myself throughout the ride. There are still 6 more roads which were made one-way last weekend. Yet to explore them too ;) And not to mention, every ride I go is becoming a road trip to me. LOL.