Monday, December 06, 2004

Trips/Treks in this weekend (Dec 4th & 5th, 2004)

Dec 4th:

Trip 1:
Myself, Vendru, Ulu & Ulu's schoolmate Krupa started off to Sivasamudram. As I raised a question in my previous post "Footloose programme - "Cauvery Fishing Camp", Part III(This weekend I am planning for back-to-back trips. On saturday to Sivasamudram falls, a bike trip for 120 kms waiting to happen(?))", the trip got over even b4 itz halfway. The bike in which Ulu and his friend went skidded at 55 kmph on a muddy patch, 25 kms from bangalore in Kanakapura road and these 2 were fortunate to escape with minor scratches. But the vehicle sustained heavy injury that the bike's headlight turned up like a spot light in Batman's distress signal light. We got a pic of that too. I will upload it tomorrow(forgot to copy it!!)
Update: for more info on how this accident happened, please visit the link - OOPS!! An Accident!!

Trip 2:
The same night at 2130 hrs myself, PK, Bharath & Jai went to drop Ulu in our friend Urulai's home in DRDO quarters. I thought it shud be very near. But it proved to be another road/bike trip!!!

Dec 5th:

Trip 3:
Myself, Vendru, BalLs, Bharath & Jai went to Sidharabetta with the group "The Wild". The place is something where one has to trek for 1.5 to 2 km up and then enter caves to have a dharshan of Lord Shiva and from there trek starts inside the caves for another 1.5 hrs. I am not in a mood to write anything more about it now. I am posting the linkz to the pix here. I guess my friends will have comments for it.

Click here for Sidharabetta Trek Snaps