Wednesday, August 09, 2006

SPICE network SMS tragedy

Me and a colleague planned to visit Hampi for this weekend. I remembered that one roommate of mine is not going anywhere for this long weekend and I too had the plan of staying at home only. Now the plan for me changed and so sent an sms to him asking if he can join us in the trip.

There came a reply from some other number saying that the person is ready to come but doesn't want to go with someone whom he/she doesnt know. From today morning my SPICE network is too congested and wasn't sending any SMS out. Even the SMS which I sent to my friend took some 3 tries before it went out. But it looks like SPICE screwed it up and sent the SMS to some one else too.

I sent an apology SMS to that unknown number explaining about SPICE's screw up. That person is ok with it but wants me to give my name. I said "Forget it. Bye. Have a happy day ahead". For which the reply came as "I can't forget it. If u dont give ur name ur day will not be happy". I didn't wanted to call that unknown number and explain it again and neither that unknown number called me up. Instead I called my roommate asking if he is playing prank with me. He replied in negative. Now that unknown number is sending SMS fwds to me. Gosh!! There are a hell lot of people like me in this world :P