Monday, September 04, 2006

Insights from Kerala trip

1. Fish is not non-veg.
2. Standard Enfield Bullet is the most preferred two wheeler.
3. Toddy is a favourite drink. Fresh toddy tastes like butter-milk with sugar.
4. People are very friendly. From kids to elders, everyone will come and talk to new people in malayalam.
5. Many watch all Tamil & Hindi movies though they don't understand much. Now I know why Asianet broadcasts a tamil movie every saturday morning.
6. Drinking water is coloured with additives to make it sweet.
7. I thank the following people for making my Kerala trip a memorable one - Pradeep, Prajeesh, Pramod, Jobin, Jodish, Nibin, Chinju, Chinnu, Chippi, Uncle, Aunty and some more people who gave me good company and tried all the things to make me feel at home.