Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tamil is Dangerous

Any duo speaking in tamil in bangalore is me and my roommate, says the waiter in Megabowl. Last sunday some guys ordered Chicken tikka and Sprites and didn't pay the bill. The waiter dutifully caught me yday and said that it was me and my roommate who did that. He is 110% sure about that even when I told him that I didn't even step out of my home that day. He is so sure because he remembers that those people too spoke only in tamil. Even the manager over there believes that guy and didn't even care about what we said. We two argued with them just because we felt humiliated by his baseless accusation. We kept fighting till we sensed that a fist fight may start. They have no proof of who comes and goes though that can be tracked had they stored the names of the people who bowl. They got no proof and still kept on insisting that it was us who cheated them. It's a shame that some tamil speaking guys cheated them. But not all the tamil speaking guys can be us two. If Megabowl is going to carry on this attitude with their customers then they are going to be out of business soon.