Monday, December 20, 2004

2004, a(?) love story

2004, a(?) love story

Dec 5, 0725 hrs

Myself, Vendru, BalLs, Bharath & Jai were waiting in Cubbon park for the Wild group to pick us up. There came the angels from the outer world and they were also waiting. We didn't knew if they were also going to accompany us in the trek as we ourselves were not sure that the bus had already left or not. After a while the van came and as usual we were the last to get into it and we all were split up and sitting with strangers. BalLs sat with a small gal, she is just 8 or 10 years old and already completed 6 treks successfully.

Myself in the last row with a punjabi gal. Two of those angels were sitting in the row in front of BalLs and two more in the row back to him and one in the row parallel to him. So he was the one surrounded in 4 directions by gals throughout the onward journey. I was comfy in the back seat for the reason I was sitting with a hot kuri beside me(atleast thatz what everyone thought; but I was avoiding any bodily contact with her for the fear of her slapping me :)). BalLs, unusually, desperately, wanted to talk to Jai sitting 2 rows behind him with those 2 gals in between them.

We stopped by one ashram in Tumkur road for breakfast. We took some pix with that huge Chariot with Krishna & Arjun in it. Then after 2 hrs we reached the foothill of the Sidharabetta peak. From there we gotta trek through 1.5 to 2kms up in the hill which had steps cut out in the rocks. Right from the foothill we 5 teamed up and started to crack jokes in Tamil, what we thought no one wud understand. We knew that was wrong only when we were climbing down inside the caves. The caves were full of mazes and surprises. Without a proper guide it is very easy for one to get lost in it. So everyone stuck together through out and we 5 were very close to those angels.

"Helping hands" Bharath out-stretched his arms and helped out those angels climb up a difficult steep. And Jai too was helping him to an extent. BalLs commented, in Tamil, that Bharath won't wash his hands for quite a few days. One of the angel was fast enough to ask me if the language we were chatting in is Tamil. I was awe-struck and replied yes. She immediately said "Show some respect, We too have people who can understand Tamil to some extent". And one more angel was murmuring that she was avoiding those gripping hands. Another one angrily said that she can give a soap to wash my friend's hand. Only me and BalLs were there in that isolated place apart from those angels. Yes. The angel was right, they had people who can understand Tamil to only some extent. If they understood it fully they wudn't have shouted at us like that. We were just commenting on my friend's action and it never mentioned any of the others in there. Me and BalLs didn't utter a word out thinking that it might spark a big fight there which we wanted to avoid. So we took the blame and were silent for a while.

And soon, as we never knew in life what is shame or insult, we(Myself & BalLs) were back to form and cracking comments in Tamil more loudly that the decoders the angels got could hear. We occassionaly included that we shud avoid talking about Cellphone operator and News Channel as some of the angels were from Airtel and TV today. We were really fortunate that we didn't end up in any police station for eve-teasing or got murdered by that angry angels. Now we were climbing down those rock cut steps. Bharath already disowned us and went with a gal. Jai tried to ditch us for that punjabi gal. But Lord Brahma has scribbled with his left hand on Jai's forehead that the gal stopped in between saying that her legs are too tired to go any further and he can carry on without her. Jai soon joined myself & BalLs.

Like this everyone(Bharath, BalLs & Jai) enjoyed the whole trip except me. But how the blame came to my head? I once said that I liked one of those angels. I don't even know her name. I was thinking of her name as something but "Helping hands" Bharath said I am wrong and he told me some other name. Whatever, I was the scape-goat in all their happiness. When the trip got over and we 5 were walking down the M.G.Road PK called us and enquired about the trip(I persuaded PK the night b4 to come to the trip but he was hell-bent that he wanted to write some essays for some univs). When he called us I just told him that it was better he didn't come to the trip and if he had come we wud have not enjoyed the trip[becoz whenever something(I meant that great insult :)) like this happens he used to go into his shell and never comes out and that wud have made us also go down in spirits]. PK mistook it that I got a gal in that trip and thought that if he was in the trip this might not have happened and thats why I told him like that. He wrote this(All Alone) immediately after the call. BalLs, Jai & Bharath built up the story on the phone itself. PK was cursing himself Why Why Why in the world he didn't go to that trip even if he wudn't get any gal in that trip he could have prevented me in getting one :) And upon every one's request I too acted as if I got a gf in that trip. For more than a week PK was just lamenting my fortune and his misfortune to everyone he could think of.

So this whole love story was a big build up to make matters worse for the one and only PK. Only person who guessed it right was Naga(my other roommate). Though he too was teasing me with that fictional gf of mine, he used to ask me if we guyz got any slappings from the entire Wild group as he knew us and our activities better. I acted my way blushing whenever they used to tease me with my hearts burning thinking of what actually happened in the trip and what they were thinking. Now tell me whether I was right or wrong when I said "I am not in a mood to write anything more about it now" in the post Trips/Treks in this weekend (Dec 4th & 5th, 2004)