Friday, August 18, 2006

Evil dogs

The Dogs (who hate me and my bike),
Kodihalli Area,

Dear Dogs,

What is the problem with you guys? Everytime you hear my bike's thump you start barking at me. Worse is when you start running towards me and trying to bite my bike's silencer off. Don't you guys know a bike's silencer is flaming hot and you can get hurt? I am so considerate to ride it faster when you guys chase me, all bcoz I didnt want you people to get burnt in my bike. Don't ever think that I am afraid and thatz why I am running. I can stop and fight. But whatz the point? Its you people who's gonna get hurt atlast. Why you guys get mad to hear my horn honk? How else can I show myself off. The best thing I consider in my bike is that horn only. And I've every right to honk it. Even if it is a "no horn" zone I do honk. That much I like it. So please don't think that I will succumb to your pressure and stop honking. I am not gonna stop either honking or riding my bike through your streets. I am writing this post just to warn you guys that I won't take it any longer. The next time I can't assure you guys that I will speed away and you will escape the burns. So beware. Dare to cross my path. And remember one more thing. Dogs are always Dogs but God can become a Devil. Don't get the Devil in me rise up else you won't see the daylight again >:)